Sunday, February 28, 2010

Er....some vid-clips - Youth Theater.

(Must apologise to Friday Upper may be a while before I can get your vid clip up. It was just plain too long! I don't have a program to edit the clip in order to make it shorter to be within the blog vid uploading parameters. A clip for this blog cannot be more than 100MB, and yours is just on 127MB! 27MB too much!! :( Working on it though! In the meantime have uploaded it to YouTube, and you can watch it at: )

Here's a few of our Tuesday Youth working on a radio play episode. It was the boys vs the girls. Of course the girls were organised and the radio play went like clockwork. While the boys...well take a look yourselves!! LOL

Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's not really the Titanic!

An evening aboard ship isn't always smooth sailing! Even for the "First Class" passengers!

Find your studio below, and check out our photos :)
First up is Kuierhoekie on Fridays. The Upper Primary class give an idea of just how rough it can be, on a video clip! Having trouble uploading it though. It's about 27MB too big! Will keep working on it though and let you know if I get uploaded.
Friday Lower Primary.
Our youngest little visitor...waiting on the ladies.
Lower Primary swaying with the ship.
Upper Primary Ladies and Gentlemen
Two perfect ladies (love this photo!)
Combined class showing how Ladies behave....
...and how a gentleman treats a lady.
But when the ship lists to one side, its hard to stay lady-like!
Oh these kids are always good for a laugh! :D
Two waiters and a gentleman.
Ladies on board.

It might not be Shakespear, but its close!
Lets all have some tea!
The smartest of ladies and gentlemen...

...Until Poseidon gets angry and the ship is tossed and turned.

Next week a fairy tale for the Lower Primary classes, and a cancelled pop concert for Upper. Will get some pics and maybe a short vid clip of Youth Theater up too.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ice Cream Factory

Imagine an ice cream flavour called "Fleuro Frog"! There was much debate as to whether this flavour would be popular or not!

Friday Upper Primary debating the future of Fleuro Frog flavoured ice cream!

Brebner Upper is convinced it will work!

At Lebone even the dogs enjoy drama classes! :)

Quick update on Lebone. A new ceiling is in the hall, the walls have been painted, and now new windows are being installed! The future is looking amazing!

NEXT WEEK AT THE HELEN O'GRADY DRAMA ACADEMY: Taking to the Ocean Blue on a luxury cruise liner! Elegant ladies, and tip-top gentleman.

Friday, February 19, 2010

It's All Theater!

Have to take an interim posting to brag on my daughter-in-law, Henna. Here she is doing her "thang"...Poi! Looks cool, huh?!!

She and my son, Sean, have travelled the world and wherever she goes she entertains folk with her fire poi, and hooping skills. Here we were at a wine-tasting at Vide & Arte Bistro/Cafe in Westdene, Bloemfontein. Just a thought: should wine-tasting and playing with fire be anywhere near each other?? :) (FYI: Miguel of Vide & Arte does wine-tastings every third Wednesday of the month.)

Check this video!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


A good week, and nearly half way through the first term! I know time flies, but its never gone quite THIS fast! Am also still getting a couple of new enrolments a week. Slow but regular.

Some classes have grown so that I can now split them into a proper Lower and Upper Primary, which is always a welcome prospect to the students in a mixed class!

Brebner studio now has two classes. The dance teacher and I have negotiated some hall time for an extra drama class, and now I take the grade 1-3's on Mondays as soon as school is out - 1:30 - 2:15.
The regular Brebner time - Thursdays at 1:45 - 2:45 is now for grades 4 - 7.
Had our first split classes at Brebner this week and all worked out great!

Also the Friday Brandwag Combined class has ballooned in size, and needs to split! After a lot of 'back and forth' with parents regarding favoured times, we have settled on 2:30 - 3:30 for Lower Primary, 3:30 - 4:30 Upper Primary, and Youth Theater moves half an hour later, to 4:30 - 5:30.
Our first set of classes at the new time slots will be this coming Friday 19th Feb. The younger children are really looking forward to it, especially as they found out they do their own seperate improvisations! :)

No photos this week....but come back next week! Dress-up for Upper Primary - "The Ice Cream Factory!"

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mimes to Music

Cave people come in all shapes, sizes and outfits!

This week all Primary classes cast off civilization and became cave-people, for the first "mime to music" of the year. Took the opportunity of making it a dress-up, insisting we keep it simple. Some very clever concepts were thought up...sometimes I wonder if the Mom's have as much fun on these dress-up days as the kids do! :)
The women keep the home-fires burning, while the hunters catch the meat.

Brebner studio showing off for the camera. :)