Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Easter Everyone! (and whacky week photos!)

Had an amazing Whacky Week but the end of term came upon me soooo fast I was not as prepared as I should have been! Sorry Friday studio! Will make it up to you next term. I was on the ball with the public holiday on Monday and made provision for those classes, but Friday just caught me unawares!

Here are some of the Whacky photos! You guys are AMAAAAAAZING!!!!

Tuesday Combined class! The "mummy" was coming apart at the seams, but it still looked impressive!

Tuesday Youth is just plain "nuts". More of your photos on fb, and your FANTASTIC mime to music clips are on youtube!

Even Lebone got 'Whacky'!

Wednesday Whacky-ness!

So one down (term) three to go! Tuesday Youth go check youtube :
Will also put a few more photos up on fb.
Have a WONDERFUL Easter, drive safe, and see you next term.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bring-a-Grownup week - 117840131257277649424 - Picasa Web Albums

IN case grownups and kids haven't seen their photos yet...
Bring-a-Grownup week - 117840131257277649424 - Picasa Web Albums

It's holiday time!

Here we are in the last week of term! And you all know what THAT means....

I will have my camera ready, and will get some of the whackiest photos up during the holidays.

Friday studio is a bit of a problem. Although schools close I was going to teach anyway, but looks like that will not be possible...


...do not dispair Friday students!
We will have a "Whacky Day" especially for you in the second week of Term 2. I'll give you notices, so don't worry!

See most of you during this week, and then....HAVE A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY!
Drive safe,
Happy Easter,
Blessed Pesach,

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friday Studio stuff

Fridy Youth...I have some of your scripted scenes up on Youtube...so check them out!

Friday's Bring-a-Grownup day was also a great success, as you can probably see from these photos:

I have been thrilled at how the parents and other grown ups have all wholeheartedly invloved themselves and enjoyed the process of our classes!

I think Helen O'Grady Drama Academy Parent's are simply awesome! Some closet actors too!
I'm especially proud of the Grampa's and grandma's who came (some even managed to sit on the floor!), and were so willing to join in the fun! Like I said in class, Grown ups, you can give yourself a big pat on the back!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tuesday Youth...THE KNOT

The ONLY place I could upload this is youtube. So all Tuesday Youth, check it out. :)


Friday Youth....I still have some of your mini-script performances too - will upload also to youtube over weekend and give you the URL.

More "Bring-a-Grownup" Day pics.

Perhaps I'm expecting too much from this blog, but I can't seem to upload any more vid clips. :(
Have I used up all my available space perhaps?
Anyway, will upload the vidclips on youtube (or Picasaweb may be better, less public) and just put some of the best pics up here. And if you don't mind registering at Picasaweb, you can see ALL this week's photos!
I want to thank ALL the parents; moms and dads, older brother's and sisters, au pairs, aunts, cousins, and other assorted "grups" who came to classes this week. Your children do so appreciate your making the time, and I could just see on all their faces (the 'glow' was tangible!) how proud they are of you and the way you all pitched in, took part, played the roles given to you, and agreed to forget for an hour that you were a "grup"! WELL DONE! :)

Wednesday "Grup" turnout! They all had a blast!

Bringing your Big Brother to your drama class, makes for some great snippet scenes! :)

Tuesday combined studio sending the "Murphy Gang" off the jail where they belong!

Thursday Upper Primary and parents! They had a great time!

As you can see the parents had about as much fun as the kids! Friday's photos will be up on the weekend, and will put all the photos (I took a lot more than the ones shown here!) up on Picasaweb on weekend too. But keep checking there:
YOUTH THEATERS (Both of you) check out picasaweb after the weekend, as I'll try put your vidclips and photos up there.
Next week:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spoiler alert

Just so you know, NO ONE is enjoying "Bring-a Grownup" week!!

(Joking of course!) I just couldn't resist putting this pic up quickly. Monday Heuwelkruin Upper Primary Studio and "grownups".
I enjoyed the first 'Bring-a-grownup' day immensely, and I think the "grups" did as well! ('Grups' - term used to denote grown-ups in Star Trek, Original Series, season 1, ep 8 'Miri')
I know I'm a week behind with post and uploads. Will get it done! Promise.
If you can access Picasaweb you can see the rest of the Monday photos at:

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ever have one of those days?

Yup, gremlins in the blog! Spent hours on the blog this morning (uploading vid clips takes a looooong time!), when suddenly, and for no reason, my computer just shut down and rebooted! Wasn't too worried as this program autosaves every now and then, so felt sure I hadn't lost too much work. But like I said, its one of THOSE days...when I got back to my post-a-blog page, everything was GONE! Not a sign of the hours of work!

Well the day was all downhill from there, and it is now 8:48pm, I have a pounding headache, and I'm calling it a day! But don't worry, will gradually get the week's pics and vid clips up at various times during the week ahead. So come back and check regularly.

Ahead next week....
BRING A GROWN-UP! Mom's and Dad's will be joining us to take part in drama class.

*chuckle* Looking forward to THOSE pics! :)