Thursday, October 11, 2012

Term Four is blasting off!

Our Term Four classes started up on Monday!  Everyone is so excited about our Year-end play rehearsals that we have had almost full attendance at classes so far!  Keep it up all you Hip-Hop Ants, Party guests, Superheros, and Pantomime fans! 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Term 3 is sooooo 'yesterday'!

Here's our End of Term 3 info!  Looking forward to seeing you all back first week of Term 4!

As you must be aware we have spent the last few weeks starting on our Year-End Play rehearsals. 
Some of the plays being rehearsed are:  “Gloria Van Der Bergen’s birthday party”,  “School for Superhero’s”, and “The Grasshopper and the Ants”. Both Youth Theaters are performing  “Cinders in Africa” – a modern South African take on the old Fairy Tale, Cinderella!


The date for the plays is the last weekend in November:
Saturday 24th  Nov.  At the Scaena Theater.

Classes start up for Term 3 as follows:
MONDAY    -        8th Oct
TUESDAY    -        9th Oct
WEDNESDAY       10th Oct
THURSDAY -        11th Oct
FRIDAY       -        12th Oct


Unlike the ballet and music teachers, I NEVER have extra classes to prepare for our concerts!  It is the Helen O’Grady policy not to inconvenience parents with extra’s (classes, money…). So we rehearse, direct, produce, supply certain costume items, along with sets and most of the props, without placing too much stress on parents, and all within 10 one-hour lessons! Try asking your ballet teacher if she could put on a reasonable show in only 10 hours!

So I DO ask that every effort be made to make sure your child attends each and every class. I know illness happens. I know there are sometimes unavoidable problems, but as far as possible, please do not let your child miss a class!

Have a wonderful  holiday, short though it may be!