Friday, March 23, 2012

Beauty and the Beast!

Eunice and PACOFS presented "Beauty and the Beast" at the Sand du Plessis theater last week. Many of you were in it! I found you, yes I did! (It helped that you all told me where you would be found in each scene!). I saw you all....assortments of spoons, forks, piggies, wolves, books....I LOVED seeing you up in the Sand stage! You were all fantastic! I am convinced the Helen O'Grady students were just that much better than everyone else, and stood out! That's what made it so much easier for me to find you on that stage of 400 children!! :) What a show! Proud of you all!

I arranged with PACOFS to take my Lebone Village studio kids to the Saturday matinee.
The children loved the show, and indeed the whole big theater experience! Thank you PACOFS for making it possible!

The Lebone studio at the Sand du Plessis Theater before "Beauty and the Beast"
Anri Holder (Lebone Exec Manager), and myself.

Monday, March 19, 2012