Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bloemfontein's Holiday Theater Club.

Our first Holiday Theater Club was an exciting and successful venture! Of course there was little choice but to go with a Soccer World Cup Theme! We limited the vuvuzela's to ONE, though - Our Course Director Hayley gave us a blast of her vuvu to denote beginning and ends of sessions, and for a little 'fun' during sessions! Thanks Hayley, I think your diaphragm and cheek muscles had a pretty good workout!

A well-known local dance teacher, Corne du Plessis, came on board to teach dance and movement skills. Within a week she had all the kids moving freely, dancing with flags and coke-cans, and doing the Disci Dance! Thanks Corne!

Elize Swart, music teacher at a local school, came and taught everyone about percussion and beats! Everyone had so much fun discovering how many different ways one can make percussion sounds.  The teenagers, under her guidance, wrote themselves an amazing rap song, while the Lower and Upper Primary made a percussion band out of their own bodies!

Lower Primary did a play about a soccer ball factory, and the Upper Primary were buying flags, vuvuzela's, and hot dogs outside the stadium, when rivalry between vendors got a bit tense!

ALL the photos are up on Picasaweb, just follow the link. You are welcome to copy them for yourselves, and if you have any problems with that, just let me know!

We had so much fun, we WILL be doing another Theater Club again!  Watch this space!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's Holiday Time!

Parent Day Presentations are over!  Schools have closed! It's Wold Cup time!  AND Holiday Theater Club time!

If you haven't booked yet for our awesome World Cup Holiday Theater Club, there's only 3 days left!
Remember, Monday 14th to Friday 18th. Call and book!

A few Parent Day photos to end off the term:

Have a wonderful holiday everyone, and come back safe! 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Parent Day Presentations under way!

No time to upload photos at present, but will when the week is over.

Wednesday's Fichardtpark studio have had their Parent Day Presentation and it went swimmingly!  I love to see the pride on parent's faces as they see their children's confidence and ability to speak out clearly. As I was closing off yesterday one Dad stood up, took the floor, and gave a heartwarming speech about how much the Helen O'Grady classes have meant to his son, and how he loves the smile on his son's face on Wednesday's when he gets home from drama class, and what a wonderful influence the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy has on young people!  I was thrilled.  He couldn't have done better if I'd paid him!!  LOL!
It IS nice, every now and then, to find out how we really ARE appreciated!  A special thanks to that dad for opening up in front of all the other parents.

Brebner studio has to wait for the school's Cultural Evening to do their Presentations. It's a wonderful opportunity for the whole school, teachers included, to see the programme in action.

The Lebone Land students did a short presentation for staff and care-givers....straight after a soccer match in which one of my actors was injured. His knee was quite badly swollen but he made it through the speech items of the Presentation before he had to go off to see the nurse! What a brave lad!

Friday's Kuierhoekie, Monday's Heuwelkruin, and Tuesday's Univeersitas-Wes studios all still have Presentations coming up.  Can't wait!