Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Where did the last three weeks go??

I'm sure everyone is feeling the time-pinch this term, and I've had a rediculously busy time, without weekends to use for catching up! Have tried to post updates each week before the weekend but seem to be having some problems with the blog.  Can't get the latest photos etc up - for some reason when I try my page just bombs out! Very frustrating as I then lose a good hour's work!  However, when I can catch my breath I'll look into it. 
In the meantime, hope Friday studio had a great time with Roxy, and I hope you Monday and Tuesday studio's enjoyed your long weekend BUT really missed drama!  :)

I have no out-of-town commitments this weekend (Yay!!) so will be sorting out all these blog problems!
Till then....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Week one - countdown!

With week one of term well under way, it really is hitting home how much there is to do in so short a term!

Thanks studios so far, for you enthusiasm as we start Parent Day rehearsals! I can see you all LOVE our verbal dynamics for this term - and believe me, more fun is to come!

Tuesday, what stars you were with the mix up at our Tuesday venue (the church didn't realize it was the start of term and I'd be back teaching, and double booked the hall!) a bit different doing activities out on the grass, and working in the nursery school dining room, ey? And thanks Youth for putting the nursery school tables and chairs back so quickly! (If I knew how, I would insert a "star" here!)

FRIDAY studio missed out on a Whacky Week last term, so we are having it on the 23rd April...notices will go out today.

ALSO Friday...you will be excited to hear you have your old teacher back for the classes of the 23rd!! I have a wedding to go to down in Port Edward so ROXY will be teaching all the Friday classes for me! Since it will be Whacky Week for you guys I'll tell her to wear her fairy wings :)

Will take photos from next week onwards, so there will be pics up here then!
Have a careful weekend all!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Welcome back – Term two!

I hope you all had a good holiday (though for me it went WAY too fast!). This term we have to fit a 10 week syllabus into what to all intents and purposes is only a 7 week term! PANIC!

It is therefore important that students miss class as LITTLE AS POSSIBLE! We are rehearsing pieces to do for Parent Day and, as with the Year End plays, if one child is missing, it affects the rehearsal dramatically. Your child is not simply a ‘face in a crowd’ in Helen O’Grady performances, but will always have a role, with lines to speak, and anyone missing at any given time is like a ‘missing link’ and makes it difficult for the rest of the cast to perform.

This term is also peppered with holidays which make ‘long-weekends’ (a teachers nightmare!) so please note the following classes affected:

Brebner Lower Primary / Heuwelkruin Studios / Universitas-Wes Studios:

Monday and Tuesday 26th and 27th April are holidays – we will not be able to have class those days.

While Saturday is a public holiday, I hope that none of the Academy families will be taking that entire week (26 April to 2 May) off! IF you have planned to be away from Bloem that whole week PLEASE, PLEASE let me know. I will be able to make up the Monday class by having Monday’s Parent Day on


As school closes on Wednesday 9th, I would need to know if Tuesday’s Parent Day could be on TUESDAY 8TH MAY.

Tuesday parents, let me know pls!

So here's to a great Term Two!