Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Heads up!

Next week -
Introduction to our Year-end plays! Don't miss class, you'll want to know what's up.

A little 'taster' : -

There is a washed-out Circus, some mutineering Pirates, trouble in an Egyptian museum, a spooky house on a rainy night, and true love triumphs over all!

It's going to be epic!

When you wear bubble-wrap to drama

Dress up days can be fun...but sometimes the costumes wear the actor! :)

Totally wrapped up!

The bubble wrap saga!

Free at last!!!

Germs come in all shapes and sizes!

Movement to music week. Germs everywhere!

Here are some of the best pics.

You don't HAVE to dress up to make good 'germs'! :)

But Monday studio did look the coolest!