Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Helen O'Grady Youth Theater Teens support the fight agains Breast Cancer!

This past Saturday saw almost 2000 people out on the streets of Bloemfontein for the annual Cancer Association Breast Cancer Awareness Walk.  Our Teenagers, both boys and girls, feel strongly about this cause, and we were out en force to show our support!

What can I say!  Fun was had by all!  :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Lebone Village - Bringing Light!

Last night Reg and I attended a beautiful candle-light dinner at Lebone Land (Now called Lebone Village!) to celebrate their 10th birthday, and the launch of their new logo and 'look'.  It was also an opportunity for the children and staff to express their thanks to all the sponsors and people who have given their time and money to the care, nurturing, and education of these children affected by HIV/AIDS.

My Lebone drama group performed "How the Lion got its Roar" to the great delight of the dinner guests, especially when, in the song 'The Lion is a Frightful Beast', while snaking around between the beautifully decorated tables, the cast suddenly leaned over and screamed in guests ears!

I was too occupied to take any photos, but there was a photographer there, and I shall get hold of some photos for the blog.  Watch this space!

Lebone Village have a new-look website now, and I have edited the URL in my links, so do go and visit it.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Term three is over...now the play's the thing!

A busy term ahead! Not many weeks left before our plays are performed.  But in the meantime, here are a few fun pics from Term three.

This is dedication to drama!  Running a fever but won't miss class!!  :)

What SOME will do for Whacky Week!!!  

Keke got herslef all tied up! :)

(Oh, and all of them are viewable at picasaweb...follow the link below.)