Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Some photos from our Year-end plays.

We ALWAYS have a wonderful fun time during our Year-end Plays, and here are some photos from this year's productions.

 "Gloria Van Der Bergen's party is the gala event of the year!"
 "Anyone who's ANYONE is invited to be here!"

 Play some music, Hip-Hop Ants!

 Mr "Cool"!

 School for Superhero's.  Where we use our powers for good!

Cinderella is very different in Africa!!

Hope you enjoyed these photos.  And I hope you have all ordered your DVD's of the performances!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A few Pre-production photos in the meantime.

Another Great Year!

What fun Year-end plays were this year, and how fantastic to have the technical and backstage staff we have.  Many of you have worked with me for a few years now and if I may say so, we are melding into a wonderful team!  Thank you everyone involved.

Also thank you to the University of the Freestate Drama Department and their Scaena Theater for housing us once again. 

But a particular big THANK YOU to Maselspoort Resort and Conference Center for once again sponsoring the theater, so that you don't have to buy tickets and pay entry fees to see your children perform. 

Watch this space for photos....soon!